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Mar Vista Distance Learning 2020-2021

Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Lola Britton TK

Michelle Fry Kindergarten

Sheryl Hill Kindergarten

SDC 1st-3rd

Lamis Almalouhi


Jennifer Manier

Visual Art

Melanie Larsen

    Current Schedule
    Current Bus Schedule

    How to Access Your Distance Learning Classroom:

     Please log on to your child's PVUSD-issued Chromebook using their User ID and Password to access their Google Classroom.  There you will see the link to the daily online meetings with the teacher. 

    Click here to view tutorial!

    Use the schedule below for starting times.


    How to Access Distance Learning for Students

    Digital Learning Links

    CleverGoogle ClassroomIlluminateAR BookfinderRenLearn

    Footsteps 2 BrillianceLexia Core 5BenchmarkNewselaTCI

    Khan AcademyBridges Math AppsBig Ideas LearningMystery DougTyping Club

    Fifth Grade

    Roisin Fahey

    Amy Ryan

    SDC 4th-6th

    Monica Cesarello

    Physical Education 

    Kelli Murdock


    Finley Asmuth

    School Psychologist

    Cardiff Hamilton


    Francesca Strahm


    Erin Burklin

    Social Emotional Counselor

    Natalie Hanneman